Josh Buck, the Executive Director of the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka, has dedicated his career to preserving and sharing the rich history of Humboldt County. Born and raised in the area, his deep connection to the land and its stories is evident in his work and life. During a recent tour of the Timber […]

People of Humboldt

May 1, 2024

Josh Buck: Guardian of Local History

Portrait of Carol Clymo, a vibrant personality and long-time resident of Humboldt County. She sits in her backyard surrounded by lush greenery, reflecting her love for nature. The image captures her warmth and connection to the community, telling a story of a life well-lived in the heart of Humboldt.


Carol’s fascination with movement started early. Growing up, she was deeply involved in gymnastics, swimming, and dance classes at the local YMCA in Pomona, California. Music courses through her veins and her feet can’t help but dance to its rhythm. Her passion for dance led her to participate in a pilot series called Blue Skies, […]

People of Humboldt

December 20, 2023

Carol Clymo: Nature Lover, Dancer, and More


The holiday season in Humboldt County is the perfect time to capture the warmth, love, and togetherness of your family. Whether you’re planning to send out holiday cards, decorate your home, or create cherished gifts for relatives, a well-prepared family photoshoot can preserve these special moments. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your holiday photoshoot […]


October 24, 2023

Creating Magical Holiday Memories: A Comprehensive Guide to Family Photoshoot Preparation in Humboldt County


Cate Be, a remarkable ceramic artist from Moreno Valley (colloquially known as Inland Empire), embodies a spirit of resilience and a profound connection to her heritage. Born in the heart of Los Angeles, Cate’s family background is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Cate’s father, a survivor of the Cambodian civil war, […]

People of Humboldt

October 16, 2023

Cate Be: A Journey Through Earth, Art, and Resilience


Hey there, Humboldt County! I’m back with another exciting portrait session, and this one’s got some serious pep. Meet Avery, an 11-year-old powerhouse from Dream Athletics in Samoa, just a stone’s throw from Eureka, California. This season, Avery’s part of the Youth Elite team, and they’re cooking up a performance that’s pure nostalgia: the Spice […]


September 24, 2023

Avery’s Cheer Portrait Shoot at Dream Athletics: Capturing the Spirit of Youth

Portrait of Avery, an 11-year-old cheerleader at Dream Athletics in Samoa, showcasing her confidence and cheerleader spirit during a practice session.